Double Eagle Alloys is a unique specialty Metals Service Center specializing in quality High Alloy and Nickel Alloy metal products. We are the experts in Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) long bar products. We take pride in being known as the “Shafting Specialist” in the metals industry.

We recognize that our customers must identify competitive pricing, reliable service, and uncompromising quality but never sacrifice total value from their suppliers in doing so.

Double Eagle Alloys is dedicated to a proactive approach to the market. Our metallurgical and technical staff ensures that we supply products that meet the customer’s expectations and specifications. We work closely with our customers on specification development, interpretation, and approval. We are constantly searching for new alloys and materials to meet the changing industry demand.

Our commitment to Quality Control is second to none.  Every order is thoroughly inspected and we can provide complete traceability, assuring that you are getting the quality you expected.

We have the ability to supply the complete package to meet the complex needs of the artificial lift industry.  For complete PSQ shaft finishing, we have numerous services at our disposal to meet any critical application or specification. This includes precision straightening, cutting splines, snap rings and keyways.

Founded in January of 2000, Double Eagle Alloys has quickly grown to be recognized as the premier distributor of nickel-based alloy long products. By 2004 rapid expansion had led to the construction of our ~30,000 SF facility in Tulsa, OK that we call home today.

Double Eagle Alloys stocks, processes and distributes high alloy metals to a diverse customer base that spans the globe. Our customers include OEMs and job shops servicing the energy sector and various other industries. We proudly count the major Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers as customers.

DEA’s core commitment is customer satisfaction.

We understand that our customers demand competitive pricing, reliable service and uncompromising quality. We are proud to say we have an unmatched on time shipment record with our customers.

Our expertise focuses on our ability to meet difficult requirements while providing the customer with value added products that meet the most stringent of specifications. We believe that integrity is of utmost importance whether dealing with the smallest machine shop or the largest Fortune 500 Company. We want to form a partnership with our customers that will last regardless of the economic circumstances.