How did you first learn about DEA? Longtime friend and co-worker Mr. Tim Mort, our outside salesman, introduced me to DEA.


How long have you been with DEA? Ten years on 4/17/17.


What is your role at DEA? Delivery driver


Before working at DEA, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have had? I would have to say during my internship while attending school. I observed and helped in medical surgeries as a Surge Tech.


What advice to you have for prospective DEA candidates? DEA expects excellence…the stakes are high. Be passionate, engaged and a committed team player!


What do you like most about working at DEA? The people – our Most Valuable Resource! Good, down-to-earth hardworking people!


Best vacation you have been on? Puerto Rico. I was able to take my two children and parents. The landscape was amazing!


If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? I would live the life of my child so I could understand how to be a better father.


What is your favorite meal? I’m a meat and potatoes guy…so steak and potatoes.


Favorite hobby? Guitar


Hometown? Tulsa, OK


Dream vacation? Europe. Particularly Sweden, the coastal islands, inland lakes, glacial mountains and awesome forests!