Stampinox Plugs

Minimize Corrosion with Hot-forged Specialized Fasteners, Inspection Plugs, Nuts & Bolts

Double Eagle Alloys is proud to serve, as North America’s exclusive distributor, OME Metallurgica Erbese S.r.l. hot-forged specialized fasteners, inspection plugs, nuts and bolts with Stampinox brand. Commonly used in gas turbines, compressors, power generators, and heat exchangers, these products are available in alloy steels, stainless steels (austenitic and martensitic), duplex, super duplex, and special…


The Different Types of Grinding

Grinding is a process that produces very accurate dimensions and fine finishes. This machining process can be used to rapidly remove large volumes of metals but is primarily used to remove small amounts to achieve fine finishes and tolerances greater than .001”. Double Eagle Alloys offers two types of grinding services, in addition to lathe…

Specialty Header and Inspection Plugs for the Energy Sector’s Winter Storm Recovery Efforts

Specialty Header Plugs for the Energy Sector’s Winter Storm Recovery Efforts

February’s unprecedented winter storm, which left millions without power across Texas and neighboring states, has and continues to put an enormous strain on utility providers in the region. As providers continue their work to repair and improve equipment, infrastructure, and services, Double Eagle Alloys stands proud to serve as North America’s exclusive distributor of Stampinox…