EOM_Steve Stoner

Employee Spotlight: Steve Stoner

Double Eagle Alloys is proud to present Steve Stoner, our Employee Spotlight of the month.   How long have you been with DEA? Eight months What is your role at DEA? Outside Sales Best vacation you have been on? ~ or ~ What is your dream vacation? Hawaii, beautiful place with both mountains and beaches.   If…


Heat Exchanger Industry

Double Eagle Alloys Inc is proud to serve various product forms to the Heat Exchanger Industry. Air cooled heat exchangers (ACHEs) are the preferred system when there are special environmental or water shortage conditions. No matter your industrial application, whether it be for the Chemical or Power Industry, Steel Industry or Oil & Gas, we…


The Flight of 718

Due to improved technology, today’s aircraft engines are far more reliable than previous models. The latest aircraft engines can perform longer, are stronger and provide greater fuel efficiency and reliability. Introduced in 1965 at industrial scale, Inconel 718® subsequently became the most widely used super-alloy for aerospace applications. This super-alloy is widely used in aircraft…