Horizontal Pumping Systems



The Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) provide a low maintenance, cost-effective solution for a range of fluid handling requirements. HPS pumps can be operated with a variable frequency controller to expand their operating range, and several pumps may be installed in parallel for greatly increased flow capacity. They consist of a range of horizontally-mounted multi-stage centrifugal pumps, designed for high pressure/medium flow rates, and suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications.


Since the development of the horizontal surface pumping system in the mid-1980s, the design has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to split case, turbine, and positive displacement pump designs in many applications. When compared to these alternate pump types, HPS offers high reliability, reduced capital cost, design flexibility, timely delivery, and minimal maintenance.


HPS units are operating around the world in applications as diverse as:
• Water flooding
• Brine disposal
• Mine dewatering
• Crude oil and NGL transfer
• Amine circulation systems
• Power fluid pressurization for subsurface jet pumps
• CO2 sequestration


HPS units benefits include:
• Lower initial and whole-life cost
• Short construction lead-times
• Increased reliability and runtime
• Low noise and vibration levels


The following alloys are most commonly used to build the HPS units and all are available to purchase.
Nickel Alloy 718
Nickel-Copper (Monel) K500
Nickel Alloy C276
Nitronic 50 (XM-19)


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