Grinding is a process that produces very accurate dimensions and fine finishes. It is used to rapidly remove large volumes of metals and also for taking away small amounts of material at a time.


Machining is a part of what is referred to as subtractive manufacturing. This includes many processes that remove material until a piece of raw material is in the shape to be used by a customer.


Trepanning removes a solid core of material by cutting around it instead of cutting the metal into chips when making a hole. This method is used for cutting all the way through the piece.


Honing is a process used to improve surface texture, geometric form, and machine highly accurate dimensions in cylinders. An abrasive stone is scrubbed on a metal piece along a set path.


Boring is a finishing method used in the final stages of a workpiece.  This method uses special tools and techniques to spin through a rough hold to enlarge it.


Gundrilling is a type of deep hole drilling that uses drills which allow a cutting fluid through to provide lubrication and remove chips as it’s working.

Saw Cutting

Double Eagle Alloys, Inc. has three fully automatic band saws, capable of cutting single or multi-cut jobs up to 22” in diameter.  Square cuts and tight tolerances are our specialty.

Positive Material Identification(PMI)

PMI refers to the nondestructive methods for chemical analysis and identification of various metal alloys for quality control and assurance.